About us

Welcome to Hibish jewelry design. We deliver authentic Hawaiian jewelry craft that done by handmade design.

About us…
This is a handmade Hawaiian jewelry store run by 3 siblings. We offer our finished design products to your original jewelry designed by you! All our jewelry is made by starting silver 925. High quality ensured and waterproof material.

How we started…
Initially, Kiho, the second kid started selling her leftover jewelry on Facebook market and Etsy when the pandemic hit in 2020. Her college major was Hospitality so she lost her part-time and internship opportunity that was supposed to be held in the summer 2020.
She found small success from Facebookand Etsy so later on, she expanded her store on creating website. Along with Lisa who is the youngest help aside, we studied running online store and practiced by stocking finished products.

At the same time, taichi, the oldest among us started crafting jewelry. He loved crafting since he was in elementary school. He always wanted to bring his art to the world and jewelry crafting became one of his passion. He took classes of jewelry crafting as well as Hawaiian jewelry. Over the years, his crafting skill has been improved. He quit a salary man lifestyle and decoded to pursuit his passion.